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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Have you ever checked out your stat counter? Ever looked at the google search terms that lead people to your blog? I've done it a couple of times (blogged here) and have always felt sorry for the poor folk who went looking for some information on how to control errant twitchy fingers and got stuck with my ravings... Here are some recent searches...
  • twitchy (fingers, causes of etc)
  • twitchy stitch logos
  • twichety fingers (only three hits come up when you search that!!! And I'm one of them!! Don't know why that excites me... )
  • sans clothes (referred to an image I had of some old-style barbies)
  • Knitting in literature
  • Mother's Day bags
  • Twitchy number 1
  • Knitty Topaz
  • this is as good as it gets
Also still get the odd hit from the old Front Debacle of 08 on Riot Act.

I don't have any pictures to accompany this post so I'll add this one of some FO's from last year. (And because I promised images of FO's last post and didn't deliver. Cos that's what I do - promise and fail to come through. Cos I can. Cos its my blog.)


Kel said...

I've noticed that people blog those kind of stats every now and again. Hoe exactly do you do that?

Michelle said...

I love seeing how people find your blog. It's kinda scary and very hilarious!

Nice montage of FOs, twichety fingers!