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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spun out...

For a variety of reasons it been a tough week. Sickness has plagued Nath, then me, then Lil, so I spent most of the week at home - not good at this time of the financial year. Lil is going to have to have another round of grommits inserted in her ear to stop the infections - not good for my nerves or bank balance! But then I went to see a friend and her baby who were both quite sick following the birth and I thought how lucky we were. I also saw another little (9 pound) bubba who was fine and lovely. Then when we were at the ENT doctor I ran into a couple I used to work with and their second child has been born with only two valves in the heart. So things could be worse, I thought to myself. Then the horrifying news that a friend of mine was found to have a 7cm tumor in her brain. She's been through surgery and things are apparently looking good, but it has totally rocked me. She's in her early 30s, husband and two beautiful boys, had been feeling pretty depressed recently, started getting headaches then BAM. It has brought out so many feelings; love, despair, frustration... I can't verbalise it... needless to say that I'd love it if you could all send out a prayer or light a candle or positive energy or something for her.

So in the spirit of not taking anything for granted and taking pleasure in each moment, I give you my first attempts at spinning. I'm pretty chuffed, especially with the chocolate plyed ones. Lil tells me "Sherbert" is her favourite, which is good 'cause I wouldn't give you tuppence for it.


Chocolate strawberries
Chocolate strawberries

Chocolate Beesting
Bee sting

Then I made some knitting needle rolls.
knitting needle roll 3

No reason for them.
knitting needle roll 2

knitting needle roll 4

I gave one to my MIL (not photographed) and one of these will go to my Mum, but the other is up for grabs. Seems fitting seeing as we are coming up to Twitchy Fingers' first birthday. So leave me a message between now and 9 May and I'll have my lovely assistant choose your name out of a hat. If you don't want the knitting roll, I can do something else. Just stop lurking and say hello.

And finally, my darling husband just placed in my hand the first ever feijoa from our little tree. I got the tree a couple of years ago and it was in a pot until we moved into this house. Now its got its little roots into the clay soil and is bearing fruit (singular!). Just the smell makes me deliriously happy. I can't wait to see what it will do next year!