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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Catch up

I've not posted photos for a while, mainly because I haven't taken any, and we've been laying grass and dealing with surgery (for little L, she needed grommets). But this morning the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky. One of those perfect Canberra winter mornings. Ahh. So with L down for a nap, and N not even out of bed (we're trying to catch up on 11 months of disturbed sleep because of L's ears) I took a load of stuff outside to my beautiful grass and snapped up a storm. Most of this is for a craftster kids swap I'm doing. I think I'm safe posting this because my swappee doesn't know about my blog, and I'm realistic enough to know that I don't loom large on the blogmosphere! She'll get it next week anyway.

Little felt shoes that I love... The purple on the back was supposed to be flames, you know, to show how fast he's walking. But they kind of look like spurs... I had finished a purple pair, but I gave them to a test model to try (ta Will) and they promptly fell off his feet, so I've made modifications.

This is me trying to be photo-crafty. See the lovely blue sky?!!

This is a little jacket. I made a test one for L too, in white with little teddies on it. But I love this fabric, with the bright friendly frogs...

These are just some cotton pants... I just loved the colours.

When L was born, someone gave us these great bright bots nappies. Well, I never was one for laundry, so the cloth nappies were never used. Now they've been reborn as bath stars. Just the thing for a play in the bath. The orange one is more amoeba than star though...

So all of that is for the swap. I've still got a little placemat to do and maybe one or two other things...

I'm not totally neglecting my daughter. My sister and I went to the worlds dodgiest fabric sale yesterday and I got a little bit of off-white coloured faux-seude (sp?) which will most likely become pants like the stripey ones above, and this retro look fleece which will become some trackies for L.
And I also made her this little pink heart to give her after she got out of her operation. She wasn't so keen on it after the operation (being preoccupied as she was with alternately trying to scratch my eyes out and wrench the canula out with her teeth). But later that afternoon I gave it to her and she gave it a hug and a kiss. Awww. I took the photo on our little pot of bulbs that stowed away with us when we left the old house. They're coming along beautifully.

So there you go. Now I'm going to go and put some light fittings in. This is beginning to look like a real house!


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Stuff I don't like

1. I don't like that I can't find freezer paper in Australia. I think I could have heaps of fun with that stuff.
2. I don't like it that every where I look people are linking to stuff I think is stupid, like necklaces made out of scraps of fabric. It looks like you're wearing the floor of your sewing room around your neck people!!!
3. I don't like it that my curtains are taking longer than they should to finish. Of course they never will be finished if I don't actually sew them...
4. I don't like that its getting cold here. Well I do, but at the moment my fingers are chilly and I don't like that. Generally the change in season is reason for celebration! {side note, we live in a newly developed suburb and our neighbours started a fire on a vacant block tonight. We all stood around and had snags in our warm coats and beanies - it was cool}
5. I don't like it that people get hurt. Sending out love to M.
6. I don't like that I search and search and never find.
7. I don't like it when I'm this upity. Its so ungrateful to be as lucky as I am and still be such a pain in the ass.

Monday, May 15, 2006

I've got a yarn for you...


I'm taking the plunge and entering Whipup's Whiplash competition

The theme this week is yarn. I thought about it for a while but kept coming back to the story telling definition of yarn. So I made some lips, because without lips there can be no passing on of a yarn. They are made of yarn... and there's a yarn behind that too...

My Mum half-made a jumper in the 80s. She never finished it and it ended up in my knitting basket. When I needed red yarn quick-smart I found the sleeve of the jumper and sewed the lip shapes onto it.

And these lips could tell some stories - just look at the size of them! But they are also thoughtful. And wouldn't spread a yarn if you asked them not to.

These lips love the veggie patch and often spend the afternoon yarning to the snow peas... Ah, what a life...

Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's Day bags

I finished this today while L was asleep. Just a bit of calico and ginham. I'm doing one for my mum and N's mum for mother's day. I've got a lovely picture of L last night in a huge bubble bath that I'm going to iron-on to the front of the bag. Hopefully the mum's will appreciate this handmade effort!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Finished my knitty heart scarf today... I love the feeling of finishing something off. Weaving the last threads in. Packing away the needles and wool. Sporting finished item for husband. Sitting down on the couch for 3.5 seconds... then getting up and casting on another project!

Trying again, with photos...

These are the little felt booties...

Hello, and welcome

I have toyed with the idea of a blog for some time ... having seen and enjoyed so many blogs, I wondered how I would stack up against them. But I suppose the voyeur in me {that enjoys other people's blogs} encouraged the exhibitionist in me to 'just do it'. So here we are.

I've got too much on the go right now...
  • Heart design scarf from Knitty
  • Wavy scarf from Knitty
  • A cardigan for L that Nana is knitting the front of, and I'm knitting the back
  • Finishing off a cardigan for L that I started last year and that probably won't fit her till next year
  • Making curtains for our whole house
  • Hemming a dress my mother made for L
  • Finishing lots of little projects for a kids/baby swap on Crafster (obviously swapping stuff for kids/babies, not swapping actual children...)
  • Jacket for L
  • Three miniature felted dresses to frame for L's room
  • Stuffed felt toy for a friend
  • Doing the ribbing on two baby sleeping bags for M's daughter

I fit them all into a box so they don't haunt me so...

I have finished one thing, a little place mat for L, inspired by whipup

I've managed to get going on at least one project - {while waiting for stupid Big Brother to finish so I could watch Law and Order} the little green monster for J at work. He's a little misshapen and hasn't any eyes as yet, but he's not looking too bad. Another girl at work wants one now too... in red. They're based (fairly heavily) on ugly dolls.

And I finished some little booties a couple of days ago. They are pretty cute, but they need something else to complete them. They fasten at the ankle with a little bit of velcro, so I'll need to sew that down, so perhaps a little embroidered something? I don't know. I got the pattern from the Martha Stewart site. This is my second attempt at getting this blog up and running… for some reason blogger wouldn't let me post new posts…