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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blogging without obligation...

I've heard it spoken of, but now I've found the site (through What you think on grows). Consider me well and truly ON this bandwagon!

Monday, October 01, 2007

How does knitting effect your home life?

Or, how does home life effect your knitting...

In other news, we went to Boorowa yesterday for Irish Woolfest. My husband's family comes from Boorowa so it was a family trip. My mum came along too. The pinnacle event at Woolfest is 'The running of the sheep' which is likened to Pampolona's running of the bulls - except that there is no threat of being gored or trampled to death.

There was some beautiful handcrafts, and gorgeous native flowers and some wool... mostly good wholesome undyed merino, but nothing got me too excited. So while I didn't make it to PicKnit or SnB I figured I did my fibre time...

Still sick - doc thinks that its bronchitis now. Seems the wee bub is making it hard for me to recover from this one...

Hope all is well.

And so begins the wait...

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