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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Little Dutch girl

My father was born in the Netherlands. He arrived in Australia at four and my grandparents fully integrated into the Australian lifestyle. A bit too much I think. We never really heard much about Holland from my grandparents, which makes me sad. My Beppe was obviously crafty and I think she could have shared lots with me about her life in Friesland. Of course we often realise these things too late. Since she died I've developed more of an interest in Dutch things and have been finding lots of lovely, lovely Dutch bloggers. Here are some:

This lovely lady likes a bit of upcycling, a bit of drawing, a bit of crafting, and a bit of waldorf doll making...

This lass does lovely screenprint art, and a bit of cooking, and posts photos of the most gorgeous children!

Under Dutch Skies
An American (I think?) in Holland, a knitter, online yarn shop owner and an observer of things...

Little Z handmade
Oh my she has some lovely stuff... A thrifter and a crafter.

These two little fellas are transfers - how cute would they be on kids shirts?

Even though I don't understand much of the text on these sites (despite Google Translator!) I love clicking through and checking out where they link to.