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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hello, and welcome

I have toyed with the idea of a blog for some time ... having seen and enjoyed so many blogs, I wondered how I would stack up against them. But I suppose the voyeur in me {that enjoys other people's blogs} encouraged the exhibitionist in me to 'just do it'. So here we are.

I've got too much on the go right now...
  • Heart design scarf from Knitty
  • Wavy scarf from Knitty
  • A cardigan for L that Nana is knitting the front of, and I'm knitting the back
  • Finishing off a cardigan for L that I started last year and that probably won't fit her till next year
  • Making curtains for our whole house
  • Hemming a dress my mother made for L
  • Finishing lots of little projects for a kids/baby swap on Crafster (obviously swapping stuff for kids/babies, not swapping actual children...)
  • Jacket for L
  • Three miniature felted dresses to frame for L's room
  • Stuffed felt toy for a friend
  • Doing the ribbing on two baby sleeping bags for M's daughter

I fit them all into a box so they don't haunt me so...

I have finished one thing, a little place mat for L, inspired by whipup

I've managed to get going on at least one project - {while waiting for stupid Big Brother to finish so I could watch Law and Order} the little green monster for J at work. He's a little misshapen and hasn't any eyes as yet, but he's not looking too bad. Another girl at work wants one now too... in red. They're based (fairly heavily) on ugly dolls.

And I finished some little booties a couple of days ago. They are pretty cute, but they need something else to complete them. They fasten at the ankle with a little bit of velcro, so I'll need to sew that down, so perhaps a little embroidered something? I don't know. I got the pattern from the Martha Stewart site. This is my second attempt at getting this blog up and running… for some reason blogger wouldn't let me post new posts…