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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Catch up

I've not posted photos for a while, mainly because I haven't taken any, and we've been laying grass and dealing with surgery (for little L, she needed grommets). But this morning the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky. One of those perfect Canberra winter mornings. Ahh. So with L down for a nap, and N not even out of bed (we're trying to catch up on 11 months of disturbed sleep because of L's ears) I took a load of stuff outside to my beautiful grass and snapped up a storm. Most of this is for a craftster kids swap I'm doing. I think I'm safe posting this because my swappee doesn't know about my blog, and I'm realistic enough to know that I don't loom large on the blogmosphere! She'll get it next week anyway.

Little felt shoes that I love... The purple on the back was supposed to be flames, you know, to show how fast he's walking. But they kind of look like spurs... I had finished a purple pair, but I gave them to a test model to try (ta Will) and they promptly fell off his feet, so I've made modifications.

This is me trying to be photo-crafty. See the lovely blue sky?!!

This is a little jacket. I made a test one for L too, in white with little teddies on it. But I love this fabric, with the bright friendly frogs...

These are just some cotton pants... I just loved the colours.

When L was born, someone gave us these great bright bots nappies. Well, I never was one for laundry, so the cloth nappies were never used. Now they've been reborn as bath stars. Just the thing for a play in the bath. The orange one is more amoeba than star though...

So all of that is for the swap. I've still got a little placemat to do and maybe one or two other things...

I'm not totally neglecting my daughter. My sister and I went to the worlds dodgiest fabric sale yesterday and I got a little bit of off-white coloured faux-seude (sp?) which will most likely become pants like the stripey ones above, and this retro look fleece which will become some trackies for L.
And I also made her this little pink heart to give her after she got out of her operation. She wasn't so keen on it after the operation (being preoccupied as she was with alternately trying to scratch my eyes out and wrench the canula out with her teeth). But later that afternoon I gave it to her and she gave it a hug and a kiss. Awww. I took the photo on our little pot of bulbs that stowed away with us when we left the old house. They're coming along beautifully.

So there you go. Now I'm going to go and put some light fittings in. This is beginning to look like a real house!



lisette said...

wow - what great stuff - i especially like the shoes - what pattern did you use?

twitchy fingers said...

Shoes were from the Martha Stewart website. I had to do some modifications because her pattern didn't hold the shoes on too well. Sizing can be a little tricky too, but they are soooo cute!