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Sunday, October 04, 2009


Someone found my blog by searching "oh oh girlxxx" (turns out it linked to when I announced I was pregnant...)
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I'm number 2 when you search for twitchy fingers. Even though there is another knitting blogger called twitchy fingers. Which irks me a little. I'm on craftster, ravelry and flickr as twitchy fingers, and while I don't own the term, I feel a little miffed that someone else didn't google the term before starting a blog with the same name. Anyone had a similar experience?

Anyhoo, I feel sorry for the people who come looking for help with irritating sleep conditions who end up at my blog. Perhaps I should add some links to the sidebar to assist those folk???

I also checked by old bloglines account the other day. It has 45 feeds. I've not read it since December last year. And there are 5086 unread posts. So if i'd have read those and it took me an average of 20 seconds (this excludes any 'clicking away' posts) then it would have been about 1525 minutes. Or 25 hours. If you assume between 30-60 seconds then its 42-84 hours. So I could potentially have spent between one and four days just on blogs. Wowee. No self-judgement on this - i'd have enjoyed those four days. It just seems like an awfully. long. time. to have been on the interwebs.

and if you think you suffer similarly -


SadieandLance said...

You're the only Twitchy Fingers for me! And thanks for the link but I prefer to remain ignorant of the total life time lost to the internets.