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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Darn craft!

So there’s been much chat about mushrooms recently... not the tasty fungi type, but the wooden, darning type. I’ve been darning for nearly two weeks now, and I’ve found it strangely cathartic. It started because my husband is a devoted Bulldogs fan and they were playing for a berth in the finals on Friday night. He wanted to wear his entire Bulldogs outfit - including the 20 year old socks that had long since become NFFPV (not fit for public viewing) due to the large holes in the sole.

Who am I kidding, there was a small amount of sole between the holes. I own quite a lovely mushroom, and like many of my crafting items, it has been gleaned/gifted/stolen from my Nana.

This was not an item I thought I'd be using anytime soon. Under normal circumstances I'd be chucking the socks, not darning them. But a boy with a love of his Bulldog socks melted my stone heart. I just went straight to You Tube to get a tute, got a great one. Darned.

This is another pair I did - the bulldogs pair is rarely off his feet.

And the boy got his socks. It's probably the nicest thing I've done for the old stick for a while - and he was happy. Didn't help the Bulldogs though.

Darning was a really practical crafting activity - and I think that's what I've needed to do for a while. I don’t know if any of you caught my maniacal morning ramblings the other week (i deleted it now) , but I’ve been a bit overcome with the whole being creative thing recently, primarily because I think it polarises my feelings of inadequacy/inaction. That is - I do a whole lotta dreamin' and very little doin'. From the post:

As much as I love the online world I think that the 20 posts daily from Craft and Whip Up et al appear to me to be from one, super-crafting individual and serve to make me feel less adequate/productive as a crafter. The posts from parent hacker and life hacker don't give me tips but make me feel like there are just so many things I could improve because I'm so hopeless.So I'm going to pare down the blogreader to the blogs from individuals - because most people only finish a couple of things a month. I can rationalise that.

I took some action and took a heap of craft sites and put them into a folder on my Google reader called 'Not this month'. Its been really, really good. It reduces the 'noise' of all those competing demands in my head. I've only been doing it for 10 days but I think I've not read about 300 posts. And I think its helped me focus on the things I want to do, and put a bit of time to researching them, and then sticking to them

So i'm starting a little embroidery sampler. Progress photos soon.


Bells said...

oh well done! I'm planning on getting down with some darning this weekend!

i saw your post. I get it. I don't read the multiple posting bloggers for some of those reasons. I want more action less dreaming, too. Sounds like it's working for you!

Bianca said...

I saw the post and well actually I feel inspired by your actions to cull the noise - good on you. And can't wait to see your stitching lady.