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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung here... although I did take this photo in August. But there is definitely a little bit of warmth in the air and things are popping out all over the place. It is only 14 degrees during the day, but the days are clear and that makes all the difference.

My blogging this time around might be a little more random. I might include a section of 'stuff that I just want to put out there' or 'thoughts irrelevant to the rest of the post'. Primarily because last time I blogged I was so concerned about each post being a well-crafted story that it took ten times longer than it should have to get stuff out. And while I love going back and reading those posts (and half the reason why I'm blogging again is because I realised how much I valued having those posts to go back and read) I don't think that the occasional typo or bad segue will reduce their readability.

So I bring you:

Random Thoughts
  • I drove to Sydney on Monday and it was so lovely to see the fog rising over the windmills around Lake George.
  • I sat behind a girl on a train who was blowing bubbles - it was a lovely thing to see on a train full of surly city folk.
  • Paddy has started talking and one of his favourite words is bubble.
  • Paddy won't say Mummy. He calls me, Lily and Nath 'Daddy'. It bugs me a bit.
  • Lily had her first orientation day at big school today. That freaks me out.
Anyway, thanks for the encouragement to come back and do this thing... I'll be back later with a few craft related endeavors.


Bec said...

I can't believe it's September already!! How exciting/scary that your little miss is heading off to big school! Thank goodness I've got another year ;-)
As much as I love well crafted blog posts I also really enjoy just hearing what everyone is up to. Hope to 'see' you more!

Michelle said...

Oh yay! You're here!

Bells said...

Lovely photo!

I'll look forward to seeing you blogging more again, however you do it.