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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It wobbled.

"How do you know the jelly is ready Lily?"
"Well, Mum, it just kind of wobbled when I looked at it"
"You didn't stick your finger in it, did you?"
"No Mum."

[Just placed her whole freakin' hand on it...]

I'm going in to get my bottom wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. I'm trying not to think about it too much, but I've got lots of protein drinks and creamed rice and soup, and have got everything I need sorted so that if I'm out of action for a week then life will go on. The surgeon told me that women in their 30s have the slowest recovery time - but I'm hoping I'll be the exception to the rule and can then just use the two weeks sick leave for crafting. I've done a little embroidery and some knitting, but I'm a bit scatty about craft at the moment. Anyhoo, hoping I'll be back with you shortly.


Olivia said...

Haha - sprung! perhaps a proper 'look' requires hands?

Good luck, I hope your recovery is quick and you enjoy the crafting time.

Bells said...

too funny!

I was 31 when I had mine out and I was back on deck in 4-5 days, after having all four out!

Good luck!

happyspider said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's awesome! For some reason I was instantly reminded of Alex... hmm
you'll be fine. i had four out on my eighteenth birthday and after feeling quite sad and doped up for a day i was fine. You'll get a good couple of knitting days ;)

knitting sprouts said...

well and truly sprung! I hope tomorrow goes oK

Michelle said...

Well, at least putting the hand in the jelly was a sure way of finding out!

Good luck for tomorrow! I'll be sending you healing vibes. Yell out if you need anything, OK?

Trudi said...

I am an anaesthetic and recovery nurse, and can safely say from experience that nobody looks so sad and sorry for themselves as teenagers do after having their wisdom teeth out!!! Especially the girls. Remember the icepacks and do the salty mouthwash (or medicated ones). They really do make a difference. I am jealous of the knitting time you will have. Good luck.

Kelly said...

Hillarious! I guess she wasn't really lying either. :) Good luck today - I hope your recovery goes better than you think.

Emma said...

That's hilarious!

I hope you're recovering well. If not, I highly recommend blue jelly. It fixes pretty much everything.

Bells said...

did you remove the post about your plans etc? Bugger. I came to comment on it!

TinkingBell said...

Given away by a fingerprint - or two!

Haven't been to visit for a bit - happy blogiversaries!

Oh and wisdom teeth - I actually went back to work straight after - but didn't show up the next day. Don't clean too excitedly - the clot has to stay there!