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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Knitting in literature

And when I say literature, I mean children's books. Because that's about all I get to read now days. So how delightful to find an Australian children's book which mentions knitting. Not only that, but a male knitting. Ruby Roars is about a Tasmanian Devil who tries to make scary noises, but can't seem to frighten anyone. But then she finds her mojo and scares the bejesus out of her parents. Her dad is knitting when this happens...

"You little devil!" said her Dad. "I've dropped three stitches - you nearly scared me out of my wits!"

"Excellent," said Ruby.

I like to imagine Ruby saying 'excellent' in a Monty Burns kind of way...


Georgie said...

Love it!

There's a Bananas in Pyjamas episode where Lulu Teddy shears the sheep (Woolly), and the Bananas are afraid she'll be cold, so spend the whole night spinning and then knitting her a jumper! "Knit one, purl one, B1". "And then Knit 2 purl 2, B2".