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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beautiful creations

My Mum's partner has just come back from a work trip to Paris and brought back the most gorgeous clothes for Lily. The man has an eye for fashion, no doubt. This outfit is not only lovely for its beachy design, but also because it is not pink. A constant frustration to me is that I can't buy interesting coloured clothing for Lil. Just pink mostly. Or pastels. Anyhoo, I love this and I can't wait for her to wear it! Its from - well worth a browse!


Bells said...

Will there be photos of her in it? Or maybe an outing to SnB?

JustJess said...

These are stunning! I hope I'm at your garage sale when she's grown out of them!! Thanks for commenting too - yes I used a pattern. Happy to lend it/copy it for you!


Jejune said...

Oh they are gorgeous - yes, it is hard to find non-pinky-girly clothes for little girls, for some weird reason... trust the French to get it right!

Lilly said...

Catty comment withheld...... (!)

Hurry up and get Lilakins into those Parisian delights. Then throw them my way.

They'll be a nice merge in 2009 from the OiLily dress of 2008!!

I'm actively boycotting pink of any description this season. You'll know Savannah, she'll be the one wearing purple velvet Gap jeans and a green Cotton On owl hoodie. Every. Single. Day.

Lils xoxo