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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All the idiots are out today*

I was just singing to Lil (part of our bedtime ritual) and some maniac with a 5000 decibel engine tore past our house, did a burn-out around the corner and sped off. This of course startled her out of her alpha sleep making it a damn site more difficult than in needed to be to get her to sleep. This kind of thing makes me so angry for several reasons.

1. It is thoughtless and dangerous.
2. It makes me rehearse arguments/remarks/things to shout.
3. It makes me imagine creating devices or items that i could use to slow them down or damage their cars without being detected (i was just considering throwing a bouncy ball with nails all through it)
4. It fills me with totally impotent rage. I can't do anything to relieve it.
5. It fills me with negative thoughts such as the above when I could be sitting and contemplating the wonder that is my daughter falling asleep.

arggggggggggggggggggggggh. Does anyone have a magik trick to zen that kind of feeling away?

In other news, I've finished a mitten. Thumb and all. I've been walking around with it on in the 33 degree heat just admiring how clever I am. I'm very proud of myself for knitting on dpns!

check ya later.

*This is what Lil and I say when people do dicky things when we're driving around. Like sticking in the right-hand lane even though they're not overtaking or turning, or doing 75 in a 40 zone... more things that fill me with impotent rage.


Bells said...

We have those morons on our road and it makes me want to kill them. I will admit that when I saw an accident on our road recently (a P plater) I secretly hoped it was a very bad outcome for him. That's awful isn't it, to feel that way?

Michelle said...

We get those hoons speeding up our street as it's the only fairly straight thru-road from one end of the suburb to the other.

Honestly, they enrage me so much I start twitching.

Georgie said...

Ah, one of my favourite pet hates!! I could wax lyrical about inconsiderate bogans, but instead I'll just say....yeah, makes my blood boil too.

Jejune said...

We live on a main road yet again, and right opposite an intersection which - yup, you guessed it - the hoons scream around at all hours of the night. Our bedroom is at the front of the house, so they wake me up. Frequently.

These (mainly) young men have testosterone poisoning, and I don't know of any way for them to chill out apart from more maturity, and failing that, a smart smack on the head (or worse, but I'm trying to keep it clean!). Hate them.