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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This is... a little late

but This is... the contents of my handbag. Its really way too small. I can't even get my sunglasses in. And I notice most mothers have some motherly items in their handbags - but I hate pulling out my wallet and slinging a dummy across the room.

  • Cigarettes
  • Lighter
  • Mobile
  • Swiss Army knife (doesn't every mother have one?)
  • purse that won't close
  • hand-me-down mascara from my sister
  • hand-me-down lipstick from my sister
  • emery board
  • receipts and bits of cigarette paper
  • a Brumbies balloon (naturally...)
  • keys
  • work pass (i went for a visit yesterday)
And here's a little pic of Lil in the Parisian outfit... at half time in the easter egg hunt (ie, before we had stolen them from her basket and re-hidden them!)


Bells said...

you're a smoker?! I had no idea. Wish I still was. Would love to have a smoke with you.

Lil looks adorable!

Taphophile said...

God I miss smoking!

Donna Lee said...

While I agree with your thoughts on Earth Hour, I think it can serve it's purpose if it does exactly what you said. If it makes people aware of the wasted light/electricity in their house. We took a look around and discovered we leave some lights on just so the house wasn't dark at night even though no one was in the room at the time. We are changing our bulbs gradually and turning off lights all over. It's a small start but a start nonetheless.

three buttons said...

Hi Twitchy Fingers!

Thank you for playing This is, i've added your blog onto the blog roll.

Cute Parisian easter outfit & model.

Angela x