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Sunday, July 23, 2006


I just realised that I've just reached 1,000 hits. Although, to be honest, at least 100 are probably me... I've been fiddling with a new layout and with my less than professional html skills it a bit of a long haul. Anyway. Seeing as I'm posting for this momentous event I thought I'd post a WIP.

I'm doing the 'branching out' scarf from Knitty, and as a featured KAL on crafster. I don't mind it, in fact I love the pattern, but I don't think the variegated yarn really works with it (as with most 'lace' patterns). Especially after seeing Jejune's gorgeous purple one... The yarn was a hand-me-down from my mother; 40%Alpaca and 60% Acrylic.

We went to Jack's Crocodile Safari birthday party today and all I can say is 'WOW'. Jack's mum rocks. There was a blow up crocodile, crocodile crafts with scented pens and glitter glue, a rule that you had to eat three pieces of fruit before you ate the 'junk' food (which was toasted cheese crocodiles, fairy bread, crocodile biscuits and a packet of chips) WHICH ALL THE KIDS DID!, a crocodile piniata, pass the parcel, bubble blowing, and crocodile wrestling. Phew. But the pinnacle was the cake. A yummy chocolate mud cake, covered in 'mud' with two icing crocodiles on top. I wish I had the camera. They had soooo much fun!. And then the fabulous Ms M (aka Jack's mum) sat all the kids down and read them a crocodile story. Hands down the best themed party we've been to! Five gold stars Ms M!!

Anyway, Lil is having a sleep over with Nanny and Poppy tonight so I'm off to spend some quality time with the old man.


Taphophile said...

I reckon your Branching Out is lovely and will block beautifully. Like the sound of the Crocodile Safari party :)

Bells said...

another Branch Out scarf. I'm getting very keen to make this. How lovely!