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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Stands for Craft Attention Deficit Disorder... because I get all these ideas and have to try them immediately. There's no pacing oneself, or or remaining faithful to one task, there is just ideas and action. Sure it keeps ideas fresh, but it also means that I never get particularly skilled at anything. Oh well. I will shortly be proficient at the whale (below) because I'm making one for the lovely Jenna and a whale expert at work. Anyway So, with that in mind I give you (gentle reader)my two newest projects. One, a knitted bag that I will felt upon completion. I've never felted before, or knitted on a circular before, but it seems to be going ok. I figure any abberations will be hidden in the felting process.

And then there is the teeny tiny book. The cover is made from playing cards and the inside from a photo album someone gave me years and years and years ago. Covered the cards in felt and blanket stitched. I'm going to put a little flower motif on it too.

I'm also trying to make a little felt book (or picture depending on time issues) for Lil's birthday. I got all these ideas from craftster (knitting one from magknits) but I can't remember where. I think I put the links to the felt book on my wists but you'll have to find it yourself because I have important preparations to make for the State of Origin match. Go the Blues!


SadieandLance said...

Hee hee how funny...we have a group in Sydney called the Association of Attention Deficient shoudl come join us!!!

Anonymous said...

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