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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hi ho

A couple of bits to report... My lovely daughter has started 'nit-ting'. I was delighted to see her click clacking away with her own [mismatched] needles and wool - and not happily unravelling my knitting!

In other news, I finished the bag mentioned earlier which I was so excited about because I was going to felt it. After I completed it I excitedly took 'before' photos so I could see the remarkable difference after I'd felted it...

Well... I now know that 'machine washable' means 'unfeltable'. Even if you wash it to within an inch of its life, then pour boiling water over it and beat it with a potato masher. So here's the after photo. Not that different really. Anyhoo, it doesn't look to bad and I'll probably use it as a grocery bag.

And I'm doing another felt picture for a particular little boy's birthday this weekend. I'll end up putting the little man's name in the tree area.

Oh, and my wonderful supervisor at work has announced she is leaving - within hours of me declaring on this very site that people had to stop leaving work so I didn't have to felt departure gifts. I must have jinxed myself.

Best away... mother is coming for dinner and the cupboard is bare...


Anonymous said...

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Jejune said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about your non-felting bag... the road felting is strewn with various floppy disasters. Mine was a beautifully coloured bag that felted more in one direction than the other and was just useless afterwards - and I won't even tell you how much the gorgeous wool cost me :/

The pinata birthday case was amazing - I'm sure your daughter had a wonderful day!