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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Knitting along

Not one to be left out of the crowd, I've decided to join Georgie, Kuka and Bells in doing the Dayflower Lace Scarf.

I considered myself pretty brave because I've an un-natural fear of charts. Now I don't know if its the pattern or the chart, but this is sooooo much easier than trying to read the k1 p1 yo version. Either way, a whole new world has opened up to me. Never more shall I huddle shaking in the corner when charts are mentioned. Having said that, I'm not that impressed with the resulting pattern. Anyhoo, I'm making it for my sister and she likes it.

The other thing is that I've tried felting again. Some of you may remember a failed attempt I made last year.

Well this time all went well. I loved this wool - its was 'Twilly' or some such. From England. I just loved the autumny tones. I've still got to line it, but at least its finished. Again, I'm not sure I like the finished product much. Meh... I've got some similar wool too to make some pilchers for Savannah in Brisvegas which is in greens pinks and yellows.

Didn't make it to SnB on Thursday, but hoping to make an appearance at the new meeting on Monday 16th...


Jejune said...

I've used that Twilley's Freedom yarn for a felted bag too (only I stuffed up, and it went a funny shape). Your bag looks wonderful!

The lace scarf is looking great, even if you're not that enamoured of the design ;)

Kuka said...

yay - the scarf is looking good =)
I love the bag though - it has felted beautifully!!

Georgie said...

yay, another dayflower-er! And full agreement on the chart thing - this one is nice and intuative and not so long that its hard to keep your place. Im feeling very confident about the whiole chart thing after being in the dark corner with you on them for ages.

Its looking great - lovely colour. Im wearing mine today and have had heaps of comments!

I love your felted bag - the colours have come up beautifully.

Anonymous said...

The scarf is a lovely colour. I think I may be inspired to jump on the bandwagon and give it a go!

I loooove twilleys freedom, although the colours I used for my project weren't as lovely as the one you used for the bag.

Nice work :)