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Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby bag

My lovely friend Big Lilly and her gorgeous little one Savannah came down for a visit a couple of months ago, on her way to join her husband for a jaunt across the Nullabor (as one does). She was saying that she needed something for the wee one to wear of a night in such cold climates as ours (it was 10 degrees at night at this stage!). Anyhoo, I'd been reading this site (etsy, craftster?) where this very clever woman had been felting old jumpers/sweaters and then making children's clothes from them. I then thought that perhaps Big Lilly could get a big ole jumper and fashion it into a sleeping bag arrangement for Savannah. I'm great with ideas like that - just no good at the execution! Not so Big Lilly, who last week sent me the following email....


Dear Mrs Twitchy
I don't know which blog you stole the 'turn-the-old-jumper-into-a-jaunty-felted-
sleeping-bag-for-the-child-visiting-cold-climes' idea from, but it's bloody brilliant.

As you can see from the attached photographic documentation I managed to felt it up a treat in one hot wash and one spin around the dryer. Following general dimensions from one of the child's jumpers I cut raglan sleeves from the sleeves (to use those fab cuffs), cut the rollneck into the bodice with a generous V-neck for easy access. The rest of the jumper became the 'bag' with the final touch of 5 shell buttons to the bottom to close it all up. I did toss around the idea of a zip with closed in bottom but the buttons work to turn the bag into a all together far too long dressing gown style of thing. Or probably more realistic an easy early morning nappy change access point.

The seams are a bit thick but where ever possible I have managed to double stitch them flat. You may have a better idea. Perhaps an overlocker would have done a better job. Immaterial really.

The small person told me 'nooew dop. toooooo big'. but mell nice.' I think that's about as positive feed back as you're likely to get from a 21 month old. Pertinent I guess is the fact that it 'mells nice.

You should whack it up on your website for all and sundry to copy!


Consider it done! I take absolutely no credit for this at all - its all you Lilly!


Jejune said...

Brilliant idea! Your friend Big Lilly did a smashing job, too :)

Donna Lee said...

that is genius. I had a bag like that for my girls and it was wonderful as babies are wont to roll around in their sleep and are hard to keep covered. I love it.

Georgie said...

Fantastic, I love it! Much better than spending the ree-diculous amount of dosh on the proprietary brand sleeping bags. One more fabulous reason to trawl op-shops!