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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The plague!

We'll not quite. But Lil has come down with some nasty vomiting thing. So I'm at home trying to get through some stuff for work while she's asleep. Poor poppet. I did do a little bit of sewing last night - a head band that I'd seen on I'll post a photo later because the camera is currently flat. It was all I could handle on my poor broken down sewing machine. Its almost like handsewing because I have to rotate the flywheel before it will start to stitch. And I'm still battling away at this cardy for Lil. I can't work it out. I've done the front panels exactly as in the pattern and they just don't match. I'll have to wait until I've got a bit of brain clarity before I try and work out where its going wrong.

And I got a great catch up email from my friends R and A who are honeymooning in Europe at the moment * waves!!!*. They are coming back to Australia soon and are expecting their first bubby.

Random word today - spigot


  • A wooden faucet placed in the bunghole of a cask.
  • The vent plug of a cask.

Sometimes I feel like my spigot runneth over... Like all the emotion of life it bottled up in a cask and when I try and tap a bit of it I get the motherload. Or maybe it just seems like that because I'm premenstral. Anyway. Spigot is not a word that really conjures up much inspiration or thought for me, except for all those wonderful wine-tasting trips in the past and the warm smell of oak and red wine. I try not to think about them much now.

Best get back to reading about endangered frogs...