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Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm doing a quick post from work because I'm sooo excited! I was casually looking at yesterday (a daily pleasure of mine) and scrolled on down to see ME!!! Well, the Cassowary Bag anyway. I'm so *honoured* to have been noted by someone as wonderful as Kathreen and Whipup. Here at work we thought the ol' Cassowary Bag was a cracker - especially the spatial mapping guys who created it - and the lady who I gave it too thought it could come in very handy at Cassowary meetings where the full maps would be cumbersome. Who would have thought that work as a public servant could be so inspiring!!

On the craft front, my sister's sewing machine -which I've been borrowing - has timing issues so I'll either have to revert to my clunky old one, or suck it up and get them both serviced. I made a bag on Saturday and its finished all bar the top stitching which is so frustrating because if the machine was working ok it would be finished! I'm nearly finished a cardigan for L. My Nana had knitted the front panels and I did the sleeves and back, but I've had to redo the front ones as they were, um, irregular. Nana would never believe that she'd got it wrong so I'm just quietly re-knitting them.

And now for a home grown meme. Method: open word and - with your eyes closed - randomly hit keys. Then do a spell check and get the first word it suggests. Look it up (if you need to) and write something about it. My word today ' YAW'
  1. Nautical. To swerve off course momentarily or temporarily: The ship yawed as the heavy wave struck abeam.
  2. To turn about the vertical axis. Used of an aircraft, spacecraft, or projectile.
  3. To move unsteadily; weave.

I think I will adopt 'yaw' as my touchstone word... it seems that a day doesn't go by that life doesn't yaw. Especially with a small child. For example; Start making dinner *yaw* (which I imagine would be signalled with a creaking noise like a boat on high seas) instead end up making playdoh gingerbread men; intend to have an early night *yaw* end up awake all night with a toddler with middle ear who wants to watch Willy Wonka; think that you're going to get a spot of shopping done *yaw* cue screaming toddler with nappy explosion. And of course just normal life often throws a yaw or two in the way; working towards a reasonable deadline at work *yaw* boss wants it by 5; dream about having that cheesecake when you get home *yaw* someone's already eaten it, etc etc. I suppose the thing is that it is a variation from how you think things are going to go. And if you're too wedded to the idea that things have to go a certain way then the more upset you'll be when you are yawed. Something to think about as I yaw my way through day to day life...