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Friday, June 02, 2006

Finish what you have month...

What a great idea... Turkeyfeathers is following on from use what you have month to finish what you have month. I started this blog with a list of things I have outstanding - so I'm thinking this might be the motivation I need to get started (or is that finished?). So my priorities are:
  • Wavy scarf from Knitty
  • One pair of knitted wool soakers for my lovely friend L in Bris (well for her daughter - I believe L has been toilet trained for some time now...)
  • The lovely blue cardigan for L that Nana is knitting the front of, and I'm knitting the back
  • Finishing off a cardigan for L that I started last year and that probably won't fit her till next year (it only needs to be made up for g*d's sake...)
  • Three miniature felted dresses to frame for L's room
  • Stuffed felt toy for a friend
  • Doing the ribbing on two baby sleeping bags for M's daughter
  • Hat to go with L's jacket (cut out but not sewn).

In other news, today I became an amatuer plumber. We've been having some rain, and were delighted because the it was good for the new grass. However, when the grass was no longer visible because of the puddle formed over the top I knew we were in trouble. The new house being built next door has a roof, but no downpipes so all the water from their house ended up in our backyard. So what's a girl to do? Grab the hose, dig a trench on a slop leading away from the grass, place one end of the hose in the large puddle, lay the hose in the trench and then start sucking on the end of the hose until you get a mouthful of dirty, freezing-cold water. Then sit back and watch the water drain away. Ah. A thing of beauty.

And my poor baby had to get the chicken pox injection today. Not suprisingly she forgot about it pretty quickly (with the assistance of a milkybar chocolate). And she can request songs now too(well twinkle twinkle and baba black sheep)! Anyway, I'm off to get pizza. Have a nice weekend.