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Friday, June 16, 2006

No craft, but crafty photos

We spent a day of the long weekend down at the beach. Mum has a coast house and so we went down to visit her and her partner. L loved playing in the sand - just like a huge sandpit to her. Then she discovered the waves and after some initial caution she was running in and out of the surf. It was bloody freezing though, and after Mum and L got engulfed by a wave we decided to call it a day. I took some photos and have been playing around with a free progam called inkscape. It lets you do stencils which is so much fun!

The rest of the week we've all been sick. N and L both had colds/flu/sinus earlier in the week and now I've got it. Blerg. I'm trying to make a scarf at the moment with the Variety Club logo on it for N's uncle. He does the bash every year and they have a competition to make a scarf with the logo on it which will then be auctioned. I found this great site Microrevolt that will convert pictures/logos into knitting or crosstitch patterns - so I'm trying to learn intarsia or weaving or whatever you call it so I can set the red logo into the white scarf. Wish me luck!

And I really want to start another map bag. I have grand ideas that really just need a little time to come to fruition. And there's so many other things I want to do, but just don't have time. Oh well. Enough wingeing! I'm off to tackle the folding pile which is threatening to collapse and suffocate me...