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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

This is... my pet

Just before the 2003 Canberra Bushfires, Nathan and I went to the RSPCA to get a cat. We found a little cat, about 6-12 months old who was likely to be put down because she wasn't a cute little kitten anymore and decided to take her home. Turns out she would have been burnt to a crisp in the fires even if we hadn't taken her home. She was a big-looking cat, but was actually just really furry. We called her Rosie.

Rosie was the apple of our eye. She spent long hours beside me on the couch when I was learning to knit, and long hours laying on my tummy when I was pregnant with Lil. She'd get a little pissed when Lil would kick her. She's still a valued family member, but doesn't get the billing that she once used to!

Rosie was never a scratchy cat... although she has never liked being touched on the belly. But now I find that if she's been recently persecuted by Lily then she takes it out on me! I'll casually walk past her and she'll give me a not-so-friendly pat with her paws... She also does that when she wants more food, or to be let out or just cos she wants to let me know that she doesn't forgive me for letting not just one, but two little folk into HER family.

Oh, and we have fish too. And snails.


Maureen said...

Wow, you certainly saved Rosie from the gates of a fiery death. She has quite the tail!

Beth Bynnag said...

I didn't know the RSPCA got burned in the fires. How horrid. What breed is Rosie, do you think? She looks a little Maine Coon-ish from the photos. They are lovely cats although strong-willed if my friend's Maine Coon is anything to go by.