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Sunday, June 29, 2008

This is... my most favourite outfit that expresses my individual style

I don't have one. I generally feel uncomfortable in my clothes. I felt ok when I was pregnant, mainly because no one is critical of the belly and bum of a pregnant mum (hey, that rhymes!). I dream of being on Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, or How to Look Good Naked (UK version - not that Carlson crap) where wonderfully witty gay men tell me how to dress for my shape and then buy me a wardrobe so I don't have to shop ever again. Then maybe I'd look like this...


Serena said...

I agree with you Gok is ace on How to Look Good Naked... I haven't even watched the US version, as no-one can be good as Gok. I'm just hoping they don't decide to do an Aussie version, because that wouldn't be good either.