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Sunday, June 08, 2008


My current definition of bliss...
  • Going out for dinner on Saturday night with my lovely husband (despite dinner taking an inordinately long time and us having to leave before it arrived - and grabbing Rolo's pizza instead)
  • Going out to see Keating (again) and then coffee at Starbucks with my sister (where we saw spidey's monkey *waves*)
  • Knowing my bubby boy took formula in a bottle so I didn't have to imitate bessy the cow.
  • Lily having a sleep over at Nanny and Poppy's
  • Getting to bed horrifically late (12.30am) but not having to get up even once until 6.30am - THAT'S SIX STRAIGHT HOURS SLEEP PEOPLE!!!!
  • After putting little monkey back to bed, making a french vanilla coffee, white bread with real butter and homemade marmalade and sitting down to watch the first episode of the Gruen Transfer. Then knitting. Photos to come.
Also, I'm hosting a baby shower here this afternoon and I made a nappy cake (diaper cake) so I'm full of crafty pride too. And the sun is shining on a lovely crisp Canberra winter morning. Ahh - I haven't felt this good in months!!!


Bells said...

that sounds pretty bloody blissful! Isn't Keating great fun? We loved it. And The Gruen Transfer! Instant hit!

Michelle said...

I went on saw Keating on Wednesday night - and it definitely brightened up my evening.

It's the little things, isn't it, than can bring bliss and joy.

Kuka said...

oook I stumbled across the nappy cakes the other day - what a cool idea!! I might have to get some tips from you =)

Miss Dot said...

six whole consecutive hours? oh my :-) good to hear that all is well on your side of the country. The nappy cake is too cute, well done, great job.

Jejune said...

They all sound wonderfully blissful to me!!