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Saturday, June 19, 2010


During my work life I've been pretty lucky with work and work trips; working with a mining industry body saw me in an underground mine; I saw heaps of regional Victoria and east-coast Australia working with a Senator; got to live on the Brisbane/Sunshine Coast for six months with CHOGM and meet the Queen.

But the most diverse and wonderful ones have been with my current employer (10 years this year!). They've sent me to Johannesburg for a month, on a tour of far north Queensland's recycled oil reclamation facilities (mostly rubbish dumps and a sewerage facility!), lots of Zoos and recently lots of parts of Australia I wouldn't have seen otherwise.

Now that I have a family I don't like to travel too much - it puts too much pressure on Nath and its draining. Work travel isn't really very glamorous and usually cuts into personal time more than you expect. So next week I'll be heading to northern NSW and losing most of my Sunday in order to get to a pretty regional location for a meeting. As a result I'm going to stay somewhere nice. Nicer than I'd normally stay at but still within my travel allowance.

I think it will help ease the pain a little... and I'm kinda looking forward to it.


Michelle said...

I'm very jealous! Bring back some warmth and sand and sunshine for me!

(Hope your conferencey thing goes well)

Lilly said...

I'm certainly of the opinion that swim up bar will help ease a great deal of the pain (mores the pity it will be too damn cold to swim up to it - but you could always sidle up in a warm sweater). Love you xo

RubyTwoShoes said...

Easy the pain?! - Palm trees, pools and a place that screams pina colada, I'd say its safe bet!


Kuka said...

looks gorgeous!
Hope the worky bits go ok! =)