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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Lost and running

I was looking over at One Crafty Mother and she's just posted about a song her son made up and was singing in the car

"Sometimes, you open your eyes but you can't see da world." Finn sings from the backseat. "You open your eyeeeess but you can't seeeeeee da world."

I ask him what he is singing, but he doesn't answer, just keeps on singing: "and dat's just da way it is, sometimes, wif da world."
It made me think that sometimes kids make you stop and think about where you're going and how you're getting there. It also made me think about the time I was singing "Lost and Running" by Powderfinger in the car when Lil asked me about the lyrics

Oh I'm still lost and running
I can't get enough
No I'm still lost and running
I can't get enough
No I'm still lost and running
Somewhere I lay down my arms
Oh I'm still lost and running
I can't get enough

She asked me what 'lost and running' meant and I said sometimes we don't know where we're going and it might not be the right way but we're going there fast. She asked me if i felt like that sometimes. I said "yeah, sometimes" while thinking "yeah, all the fricken' time". She said "don't worry, you're going the right way." Could've been that we were nearly home, or that she thought I was doing ok. I choose the later. And felt a little bit better.


Corinne said...

I loved Ellie's post this morning, and I love yours. These little ones are such gifts, and their words are little treasures to be held onto like gold :)

Michelle said...

I'm glad you wrote that down - I think we all need to remember that others have more confidence in us than we sometimes do ourselves!

Also, kids say (and sing) the funniest things.

RubyTwoShoes said...

Ohhh, kids are the best! I cant wait till The Boy starts to say more than 'car', 'tractor', truck', and 'motor'...not too deep so far!