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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cruel embroidery

I had this idea about doing a cruel embroidery (play on crewel embroidery) last week. And here it is!Its not 'nice' but I've found that a side effect of this new medication is an unreasonable amount of anger and aggression. There is a theory that says that depression is anger turned inwards. Ergo as you get better the anger is projected outwards. If that's true I'm much, much better. I'd rather channel it into this kind of creative output than yelling abuse. Which is what I've found myself doing to the fuckwits that walk their dogs around my suburb and who don't pick up their dog shit. Seriously. Stopping the car, winding down the window and yelling out 'toser!' or 'Oi, are you going to pick that up?' and then spending quite some time planning how I could pick up the poo, following the offenders home and then flinging it at their front doors... not entirely a positive use of energy.


Michelle said...

Anger is a funny thing (but so totally not funny). Sometimes I am so consumed by the rage that I can barely breathe, and for no apparent reason. I become an antisocial being, for the benefit of myself and others, but I eventually come out of it. Not too sure how or why, but it just happens. I suspect I get over myself and remember that I'm not able to control other people's actions!

I do love your cruel embroidery. Hope it helped.

knitting sprouts said...

oh I love that embroidery - hope you get to do more of that and less hurling abuse!

Corinne said...

You hit my sick sense of humor with this... I can't stop laughing!

Hope this was a good outlet for you :)

Bianca said...

Now, now feeling and expressing anger towards fuckwits that let their dogs shit around the neighbourhood and then leave it there is a perfectly legitimate thing and should be wholeheartedly encouraged!

I may also have been known to abuse such people myself. Especially those who leave it on the footpath. Idiots.

Oh, and nice cruel embroidery! I think you should do one for the fuckwit dog owners. Maybe you could hang it on a tree for them to read when they walk their dog past!

Kuka said...

heehee, your cruel embroidery turned out great! =)