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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Blogging to beat the black dog - day 2

Last year I wrote this post about personal commandments to help me through the day. I notice that things haven't really changed since then... anyhoo. I thought I might revise those commandments.

  1. Stop it!
  2. Nothing will change, if I don’t do anything different
  3. Meditate
  4. I can do anything for five minutes
  5. Get outside
  6. Don't wait to 'feel like it'
  7. CHOOSE to be positive
  8. Be grateful
So I've lost a couple of commandments and got some different ones. I'll let you know next year how this one goes!

Catching up on some long-ago finished items too - here's a little t-shirt I made for my besties daughter a couple of months ago. I wasn't sure how it would stand up to washing, but it went well and was still going strong when we caught up in Adelaide last month.


Bells said...

all of those things are true but so much easier to write than do. I should know.

Good luck with that! You can do it!

LOVE the giraffe!

Taphophile said...

There's something on that list we can all relate to. Choosing the positive sometimes leads to Pollyannaitis, but it works for me (when I remember to do it).

Glad the giraffe survived the wear and tear. Shrinking would lead to all sorts of body image issues for a giraffe ;)

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous giraffe! Good to see it's still being worn.

I love your list... it made me start thinking about mine... I've forgotten what I wrote down - I should go have a look. Yours is sensible, we always for get the little things. I'm sure you can do it!


knitting sprouts said...

I ahve been doing a meditation class and we did talk about this kind of thing last night funnily enough. how to prioritise the list and how not to feel like a failure and it came back to values and what fits to your values will work even if you can't finish it. and making time for you because you deserve it and need it and everyone else will benefit from it - and treat your self with the kindness and compassion you can show for others