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Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Unfortunately Naomi"

A meme via thornberry.

All you do is google “unfortunately, yourname” and see what comes up! Some of my favourites:

Unfortunately, Naomi has never participated in a legitimate anger management class. (True...)

Unfortunately, Naomi's hair is reminiscent of a Haitian hillside after 3 days of rain. (That's just unkind.)

Unfortunately, Naomi is only able to visit that pool for therapy twice a week. (Pool therapy hey? Sounds better than anger management classes!)

She is much easier to read than to listen to, unfortunately. Naomi, slow down, speak more smoothly, make people listen. (Sage advice.)

Unfortunately Naomi’s outfit did not impress us at all. (Fair cop - my 'style' is not often classified as impressive.)

and finally,

Unfortunately, Naomi had put all of her faith in her family and material things, and simply did not have much hope for the future. (From the book of Ruth.)