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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Man, I so want this movie to come out in Australia. But we're talking August until its here. Now I've not read the book, but I love the concept of the movie and I want it here now. French and Saunders, people!!! Six months is way too long to wait I say. There have been lots of promo type activities happening in the States and I want to be part of it [stamping foot, loudly]. As blog-land is my witness, I will not rest until I consume all things Coraline.

My little moochi did a mini box swap - wondering if any Aussies would be interested in doing the same?


Anonymous said...

The book is amazing - the illustrations are just incredible. They have it at Borders, along with The Wolves in the Walls (now a musical) - illustrated by the same artists, and I swapped my father for a goldfish - which is also brilliant.