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Monday, December 01, 2008

Lovely stuff

* Edited to fix *&^@%^ photos*
Its been so long since I posted, and time is getting away from me, so here is a brief rundown of what I've been up to. Once this is posted I can get back to some kind of regular posting. That's the theory anyway.

I posted a while back about a Chegal picture used in the movie Notting Hill, and moments later a beautiful package arrived on my doorstep from Miss Dot at Planet Lime! Isn't it stunning!

And nearly a month ago now we (Mother, Sister, Husband, Daughter and Son) went down to Melbourne for my birthday, and my sister bought me this great necklace. Its from Elk - and TSS, they have a necklace with a black pear on it!!!

Also finished a little swap package for Backtack and posted it off to the lovely Kim in Canada - but can't show you that because she's not received it yet...

We stirred the pudding.

Went to my 'little' sister's 30th party

Wrote meaningless stuff in the magnetic words on the fridge.

Watched my kids play together. Really play together.

So. There we are. Back to normal transmissions shortly.


Michelle said...

Oh no! I can't see your photos, but will try again later. Sounds like you've VERY busy though!

Michelle said...

Oh goodie! I see the photos now! I love stuff by Elk. Just love it. Lucky you!

Lilly said...

Oh goody, I missed you! Mwwwwwa xoxo

Her said...

you are very welcome!