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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's not to love about a first day back at work?

I started work again yesterday and it was lovely! On the first day back to an old job no one needs to show you around or introduce you (except to the new staff who are finally meeting the 'Naomi' they've heard reference to for the past 11 months - they appear underwhelmed), you spend time going through emails and setting up all those preferences that seem to have disappeared from your computer profile, you chat, have coffee, catch up on all the gossip and generally have a nice time.

I know this is going to change, but it was so refreshing to have a day totally in my own headspace. As a parent you much have very little time to ponder the direction of your day - its all dependent on the little folk and their wants, needs and desires. To be able to have a thought, and follow through with it (ie mmm, coffee, i'll get one, oohhh that's what hot coffee taste like!) was nice. And I feel heaps more motivated to do stuff at home, knowing that the time here is precious. I think I need work. Anyhoo, the kidlets won't know much different, Nath has gone part time too so Paddy doesn't have to go into childcare and Lily gets a whole day with her Dad.

I also made a little project bag the other day... I don't often get time near my sewing machine, what with trying to be an attentive parent and all. But Lily decided to play games on ABC kids site so I got to sit beside her and sew - periodically helping her to find Iggle Piggle or dress Mixy. I got the fabric from Calico Patch at Gold Creek, and put a little pvc window in so I can see what project is contained within. It was such a quick job, but it does the trick!

And here is a look at some poppies that my mum gave me... they looked stunning in the 6am sunshine... Sometimes I'm grateful that my little man gets me up at 5.00.


Michelle said...

The project bag is a thing of wonder. PVC insert is genius!

Congratulations on surviving the first day back at work!

Jejune said...

Congrats on getting that bit of grown up time again - it can save your sanity! Mmmm, hot coffee, and no nappies!

The project bag with the window is sheer (har har) genius. And what great poppy photos - I thought they were paintings at first!