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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Meet Me at Mikes: Mike-ro-scopes - Spring 2008

Meet Me at Mikes: Mike-ro-scopes - Spring 2008

Man, this made me laugh! Tee hee hee. I'm a scorpio by the way - i'd like to think its accurate!


Lilly-o-the-Valley said...

Fancy donning your shiny McHappy pants and planting your derrier on my rubber backed picnic rug and gingham thing-a-mies.

Lordy be, even my husband doesn't get invitations like that, since the arrival of the bulldozer. Oh who am I kidding. He never never ever got invitations to wear happy pants. 'Cause we both know he'd damn well go take me up on the offer.

You'd have to thwat those damn months for me though. No. It doesn't matter if they are prutty and shiny-butterfly-esque. They're not invited.

Ah what a laff! Off to do some more Milk Militia work before my class tomorrow. All hail the boobie.

Take N to Gold Creek for Fathers day will ya, and have a wee small bit of that French Toast for me. Ta!

L xo

Jejune said...

LOl, very silly! Well, at least I'm already shimmy around in bellydance class as has been advised for all Virgos ; )