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Sunday, July 27, 2008

This is... what makes me happy

Ah. I'm big on searching for happiness. I don't often consider that I'm happy, but I think that's because I'm constantly pursued by the black dog and only catch the happiness in glimpses as I bolt past... I strive to be happy, by reading books like 'Choosing Happiness' by Stephanie Dowrick, reading sites like Authentic Happiness and the Happiness Project. But ultimately, these things make me happy...
  1. Listening to Lily tell me stories before we go for a lunchtime sleep
  2. Watching Paterson's face light up when I enter a room

  3. Seeing a flower in the vase beside my bed, knowing that Nathan has left it there
  4. Seeing plants begin to flower, or sprout, or produce fruit.
  5. Certain foods - I apparently do something that Nath calls the 'happy dance' when I have something that I think is particularly yummy.
  6. Spending time with two special people; my sister and Big Lilly.
(NOTE: The picture above will one day be the cover shot for a book I'm planning to write 'How to keep your house clean and look after the children'.)


Kuka said...

aaaah they are goreous! what a precious photo! =)