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Monday, July 21, 2008

Didn't we have a lovely time

Yesterday we went to Currockbilly. Nath's Aunt and Uncle have a little property out past Braidwood and yesterday we took LilyPad and our nephew Marcus out to see the cows and have a BBQ. It was such an adventure for the kids, even if we had to resort to Dora-esque type distractions toward the end of the long trip (ie First we go over the little bridge, then onto the dirt road, then through the watery creek. Bridge. Dirt Road. Watery Creek. Say it with me...) We saw the cows - one of whom rudely poked out his tongue. We wandered around the tall grass. We played together. I played around with the macro setting on the camera. We had a photo shoot on top of a windy hill (cut short when I was setting up the camera on my 'pile-o-rocks' tripod and spied a nasty spider about 1cm from my eye... much scrambling from me. and amusement from those looking on.) Then we headed for home. I did the driving (in the dark and the rain - erg) and the rest of the tribe did the sleeping...


Jejune said...

Looks like a magical winter adventure!

Agree about nighttime and rain driving :p