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Friday, July 13, 2007

Online Dating

I find it interesting that my blog is Rated G. Especially as during the week my lovely 3 year old learnt to use the F word - in context. We were at home, she 'not feelin da best', me trying to get excited about doing the Dora the Explorer puzzle for the 50th time, when the phone rang. I sighed (I hate the phone). Lily said ' Oh F**k Off'. I don't think I can blame that one on childcare...

Anyhoo, just to catch you up on a couple of little things I did during my blogging haitus...

This for my friend battling brain cancer. Warning: Strong Language! Ironically, the strong language won't affect my G rating because its a picture!!

Fuck Cancer

And this for my friends D and P's daughter Ruby (a gorgeous name for a gorgeous child)


This yarn is one of Spidey's. I notice she's doing some socks in the same yarn - is it bad that I love a sock? Do you think if I steal it she will notice?

And finally, a little hat that I whipped up for Lil. I did it on double pointeds - a first for me. Taph, you'd be proud. I made it with little holes for her piggy tails. I got sick her looking like she had growths coming out of her head in all her hats because of the unsightly bumps cause by the pigtails. Problem solved. Although, I seemed unable to estimate the length of her head, and its a bit short. Never mind.


Anyhoo, best be off. I might see some of you tonight at Knit1Blog1 opening - but I will have child in tow so I don't know how long I'll stay.


Miss Dot said...

yay~ you are back! Hey, I have your resin pendant sitting here waiting to go out to you, can you email me a postal address? good to have you back.

Jejune said...

Was great to see you, albeit briefly, at the opening last night, and lovely to meet Miss Lily too :)

My Blog was rated G too - clearly not enough swearing happening, I think we have to life our game ;)

Dotter wants a Fuck Diabetes t-shirt - love the cross-stitch sampler... says so much so well.

Baby cardy is just delightful, and well done on your first DPN project! The pigtail are inspired!

Jejune said...

Meant to say the pigtail HOLES are inspired :)

Taphophile said...

Love the beanie - pigtail access is an excellent idea.

My blog was g-rated too, but they seem worried by the single use of the word "hurt".

Great to see you on Friday and to meet Lily. She's a charmer. :)

Georgie said...

Well done on the beanie - be careful though, dpns are a bit addictive ("look Ma, no seams!").

Love the sampler!

Anonymous said...

I snorted tea out my nose when I read about Miss Lily and the F word.

Ahh I love it.

Infact I love the whole post - the pigtail friendly beanie, the cancer sampler and spidey yarn in a cardi :)

you have been busy :)