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Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm baaaack

After a forced hiatus due to blogger upload issues and general lack of time I'm back. I have done lots of little bits and pieces but this is my favourite.

My friend in Brisbane, BigL, loved Savannah in the US. She loved the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which is based in Savannah. She also loves her daughter, who is called Savannah. So I thought I'd give this a go. And I think it worked wonderfully.

I've been doing a couple of other little felt projects, three for a swap, one to become our Divisional mascot at work and one for a guy at work.

A few lovely things... We had a lovely high tea at the Hyatt for F's birthday. It was great to catch up with the girls and a new arrival - baby Sienna who was so gorgeous! We had cucumber sandwiches, smoked salmon, quiche, scones jam and cream, cakes, biscuits and little mini chocolate mousse. And no, I didn't just give you a list of what was available, that is what I actually ate. And problably more besides. And it was great. I never want to be thin if it means missing out on occaisions like that.

My dear friend R came down to see us from Sydney last weekend and relieved us of many baby bits and pieces for her impending arrival. It was lovely to see her and for her to meet Lily again. In fact Lily was so taken with her that she got very upset when she found out R had gone back to Sydney and was in tears at the car door saying 'sissy' and wanting us to drive up there.

Lil is also obsessed with Thomas the Tank engine at the moment - and I'm not pleased. We have one DVD with three Thomas songs on it, and at the end of the three she says 'more tomash?'. If you say no you risk a huge 2-year-old tantrum. If you say yes you risk your own sanity. argh!!

Anyway I have to go and rescue the clothes from the line because its raining - yay!!!


Funky Finds said...

I love this! You are rockin' that freezer paper girl!!!

twitchy fingers said...

Thanks! I believe my whole life had been leading to the moment when I opened your package of freezer paper. And life will never be the same again. It will be better, and filled with freezer-papery goodness...

Lillypad said...

Well imagine how much freezer paper changed my life when I opened my t-shirt parcel.

Now I can wear Savannah on my chest all day long. As opposed to mere 4 hours a day the other Savannah on my chest...!!!

Thank you for our beautiful goodies Mrs Fingers!! Life at Casa Twitchy must be full of crafty goodness at the moment.

Come up and spread the love with us some time SOON! xoxo