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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Oh. My. Goodness. Is there anything better than freezer paper? I was over at wee wonderfuls and noticed that she'd printed some fabric. 'Geez that woman's talented' I said to myself, figuring she was one of those craft godesses that screen print. But no. She is a craft godess that puts freezer paper on fabric and PUTS IT THROUGH HER PRINTER!!! A lightening bolt went off in my head. 'That would be perfect for the labels that I want but don't want to fork out heaps for,' says I to no one in particular. And this is where they would be if blogger would let me upload them...


Though I've just realised now that Hilary says "I treat fabric with bubble jet set then iron to freezer paper and send through my printer". In my usual style of not getting it right the first time, I did not use bubble jet set. So these will be a test drive for non washable items only. Once I procure some bubble jet set I will be unstoppable. Ahhhhhhahahhahahahahaha (throwing head back and laughing wickedly).