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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Six is sooo big...

But not too big for a fairy castle cake (thanks Aunty Nicole).

Aunty Nicole is ace at choosing presents that cause maximum conflict with the children. Sure its a pink barbie car - but its a CAR. Paddy's down with anything car related. You'll note there's actually a car driving the car...

After everyone had gone the cats came out. They're still not jump-on-your-lap-for-a-nap type kitties, but they're warming up.

And just a cute picture of surprise personified. I can't remember what he was surprised at. Its just a cute shot!


RubyTwoShoes said...

Could it be a boy thing, the car thing?!
My boy, The Boy, is obsessed about anything on wheels and is currently spending his leisure time driving them, like all seven of them, from one side of the couch, to the other, and back again, very methodically. Its hilarious, and adorable, as are the pics of yr kids

Michelle said...

Those photos are classics! Love the last three expecially.

Happy birthday Lill! Six is almost grown up! (don't tell your mum that though)

Emma said...

hehe those pics are great!

That's a cracking birthday cake Lill got there, and I love the little cars driving the big car - makes complete sense to me!