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Monday, March 08, 2010

Coasting and such

We went away for a couple of days this weekend, being the Canberra Day long weekend. Nath and I are generally homebodies and don't really like going away. Nathan and I also don't like sand. Or sun. Or sweating. So the coast is pretty much the worst place we could be... but the kids love the beach so it was coastward bound we found ourselves.

Between gritted and gritty teeth we wandered and splashed and played.

I guess it wasn't so bad.

That is until the Ben Hur of the spider world found its way into the house. (Nathan and I also don't like spiders.)

We had an epic battle disposing of this bread-and-butter-plate-size arachnid. Amid much spraying and screaming and jumping and running (ours, not the kids) we emerged victorious. It has confirmed our belief that we must train Paterson to be the great white spider hunter.

And on the way home we had our third experience with 'gum in the hair thanks to Willy Wonka'. From memory, when the Violet Beauregard character (in both versions of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) is about to try the three course meal gum, she takes out her current piece of gum and sticks it behind her ear.

Three times Lily has attempted this.

Three times she's had large chunks of hair removed from her scalp. Because I'm not that mother that's going to go through several hours of bright-blue chewing gum removal so she still looks normal. I'm the mother that hacks the blue right out and leaves a hole where the hair should be, because she never looks like she brushes it anyway.


Corinne said...

That spider would have freaked me out!
We love the beach... LOVE it! Wonderful photos!

Michelle said...

Let me tell you come time about the spider I sprayed because Scott refused to remove it, and karma visited and the little bastard CRAWLED UP MY LEG TO MY INNER THIGH about 15 minutes later.

I am still have nightmares.

I got my comeuppance on Saturday night when I found the little bastard behind a blind, and he was fkat booted so quickly he didn't even see it coming. Ha.

Glad you had a lovely weekend. Now go and have a shower and get that gritty sand out from between your toes!