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Friday, August 28, 2009

Dear Blog

Dear Blog
I kind of miss you. I'm toying with the idea of us getting back together.


Bells said...

She lives! I have been wondering. Please get back together. You're such a good pair.

knitting sprouts said...

nice for you to drop in - please come back

oh - the word verification is muffe! what will it be next, hairy map of tasmania?

Michelle said...

Dear Twitchy's Blog,

I miss you too. But only get back together with Twithcy if it feels, you know, right.

Personally I'd be running, not walking, towards her.


Bianca said...

Dear Twitchy,

I missed you too. Please let's get back together.

Love your Blog
(I asked Sadieandlance to write this for me)

Anonymous said...

Please, please come back to us - you two are magic together!

Lilly said...

I said we could still be friends but I've moved on 'cause you took so long to work through your issues.

I guess I could reconsider my position though. Given your so hot and all.....