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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Canberra Donations for Victorian Fire Appeal

This announcement is going around at the moment...
ALLIED PICKFORDS is arranging to transport any Canberra donations of clothing, toys, tinned food, furniture due to the tragedy with the bushfires in Victoria. Many of us lived through this 6 years ago, and can imagine not having any possessions except the clothes on your back.

The community support for Canberra from around Australia was incredible at the time - and we should now help Victoria.

If you have a spare ANYTHING - get it to Queanbeyan. The Allied Pickfords Depot is at 184 Gilmore Road, Queanbeyan - just go along Canberra Avenue past DFO and Gilmore Road is only a few kilometres away. The transportation is happening regularly - so there is not a cut off time.

If you can pack things into boxes, it will help. PLEASE HELP DISTRIBUTE THIS EMAIL TO ANY OF YOUR CANBERRA NETWORK.

If you are not able to help with these sort of donations, Salvation Army and Red Cross have an appeal going:


Bec said...

Allied Pickfords had donated 10 shipping containers and transport for them. At 6pm last night - all 10 were full so they are no longer accepting donations. The trucks leave tomorrow morning and they are looking for another transport company to donate similar time/transport.

It's great to see that in times of need Aussies band together to help one another. Sad but inspiring to see.