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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My best friend is better than your best friend

I've just had a couple of days with my bestie 'Big Lilly'. She's primarily 'big' because having two Lil[l]y's in the house is confusing, but also because she's got big talent, a big heart, is big fun and is pretty big [tall!]. When Lil was born big Lilly did a picture for her (which I'll upload when I find it) with her name and now its Paterson's turn! Behold the wonder that is his picture...

This little guy is my favourite.

Despite the fact that she, and her beautiful 2 month old bub were sick, sick, sick, she made the simple things special.

I dream that one day we will not suffer the tyranny of distance and be able to see each other more than once annually. We met in 1989 when Lil was my billet for a music festival. Nearly 20 years later and we've travelled, lived, worked and played together and maintained an amazing friendship despite distance and lack of communication (primarily by me!!) I miss you already big Lil.

One of the best things was that on Friday night I had Big Lilly, my sister and Lil all together - all my favourite girls in the one place at the one time. And we laughed (mostly at an extremely wired little four year old) till we nearly cried. Great restorative for the soul.

Anyhoo, I've about 15 post that are floating about in my head, so I'd best get to it before one of the little darlings wakes up. Paddy's been feeding at 5.30 ish so I just stay up and get an hour or so to myself! Woohoo!


Bells said...

Wow. What a great friend with such a special talent. And a wonderful thing to have all your favourite girls in one room. Special stuff.

happyspider said...

Sigh. I never see my close friends as often as I would like. I console myself with the notion that when the modern economy collapses I can move to a commune with all the people I love best in the world and many fibre-bearing animals. Spare knitters always required on this commune of course, especially those with adoreable children in tow :)

Miss Dot said...

Twitchy? is that you who sent me the Michael Palin vids? if it is thanks so much, can't wait to watch them while I beaver away in my craft room, thanks so much. love the little tomato, did you make it?

Lilly-the-Big said...

Ah shucks. You sure know how to make a girl feel big (and good too!).

Love you from here to there and back again and all the stars in the sky and you know, well, pretty much lots!