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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is... x2

This is... how i recycle

Apart from your standard home recycling we tend to do a lot of transferring/sharing/recycling. My husband and I both worth for the federal environment department and it has a really active online bulletin board so we often put things up on there like baby stuff and household items we don't use anymore. The department also has active recycling within the department so we can recycle at home and work (when I'm there). We share lots of things amongst our group of friends, like children's clothes, books and toys so we've always got enough 'new' stuff without having to purchase new stuff. We also compost - great recycling! And I don't mind using our old clothes in my craft either. So there you go.

A catch up from last week
This is... what reminds me of my mum

My mum is a classic for mixing her metaphors. A short list of her more memorable ones:
  • Beauty is in the eye of the tiger
  • He's the head poncho
  • You've made your cake and now you have to lie in it
  • Knocking on death's doorstep
  • He's barking on thin ice


Lilly said...


That 'Head Poncho' one never fails to get me. I use it with frightening regularity. Which is to say, ALL the time!

You forgot 'Pigs in a Pod' - my other personal fave!!

Beth Bynnag said...

I love it! Very Kath and Kim!

Serena said...

There's one that my friends and I came up with... When someone asks you a question, when it's quite obvious you are going to respond with YES, we say...

"Does the Pope shit in the woods?"