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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Videos anyone?

I've been doing mucho cleaning out recently and have taken loads to friends and the Salvos and the tip. Nothing to rival TSS and Taph's 7 things efforts of course, but a fair slab of the 'this adds no further value to our lives' type items have been relocated. Best of all was getting rid of the maternity clothes - yay! But I digress. I have found some videos and thought I'd offer them up here first. I've got the first three season of Cold Feet (3x 2 video set), the two-video set of Around the World in 80 Days (Michael Palin) and the two-video set of Gone with the Wind. Let me know in comments and I'll shoot them over. Not literally of course.


Bells said...

I almost said yes to Cold Feet but we're working on collecting them on DVD so I will pass!

And as we're a bit cluttered ourselves, I think I would get into BIG TROUBLE!

More baby photos please!

Miss Dot said...

oh oh oh can I have Michael Palin? please please please. I loved that series! ;-)