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Friday, April 13, 2007

Finished items and a rush of blogging!

little cardy

Little cardy I started knitting many moons ago, sewed up a couple of moons ago, and finally got the buttons on one moon ago. The little monkey looks really cute in it. People at childcare must be able to identify my child immediately because for the last two years her only jumpers have been in that yarn...

Kimono sweater

A little Lion brand Kimono sweater for the lovely G in Sydney. Her Mummy liked the wool, having seen it so frequently on my child, so this little one is for her. The pattern was uber simple (lacking in the finishing department), and I think I'm confident enough now to add some 'fluff' - like an edge and a neckband. But goodness help me if I have to knit in that pink stuff again. I think three years with a yarn is more than enough. I'll bundle it up and weigh it and offer it up to the first one who wants it.

Beehive hat

And the beehive hat from Stitch and Bitch Nation. I look shocking in it, although my DH doesn't seem to think so. And Lily looks absolutely gorgeous in it. Anyhoo, best go. I'm killing time waiting for Lil to wake up after she decided to adopt '2am-5am is party time' as her mantra. I knew the sleeping all night was too good to be true!

Oh, and a new blogger to check out - the lovely George!


kms said...

well these are all lovely, as is the little angel wearing them! but yes, three years is enough. the spinning bug is goin' round - a month or so again 'someone' (aka taph) gave me a perfectly good ashford traditional, it just needs one piece and someone who knows what to do with it, and we're all set. i have promised myself not to learn till ive submitted my phd, i can see myself loosing days at a time otherwise! look forward to seeing how you go with yours!

Georgie said...

Finished cardi looks great and beautifully modelled. The kimono wrap is gorgeous - it looks lovely in that yarn (ignoring the fact that so does everything else youve knitted for the last 3 years!!).

Im suffering wheel envy too...can't wait to see how you go.

thanks for the nod too, very kind!

Jejune said...

Beautiful cardigan, and beautiful daughter :) But yeah - time to break out and use a different yarn, LOL :)

The beehive hat looks very cute - I've got that book, but haven't tried that pattern yet.

SadieandLance said...

Hey which pattern did you use for the kimono wrap?