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Friday, November 03, 2006

A weekend, and a world away...

I spent last weekend in Brisbane with the wonderful L, her hubby and beautiful bubby. It was bubby's first birthday and there was much celebration. More than that there was just time to be with my favourite Brisbanites - just 'be'. We didn't go anywhere (besides the park for the birthday), we talked and played and cooked and laughed and it was lovely. I was sad that N and Lily couldn't come up with me, but I was able to spend some really lovely time with my friend without having to be concerned about my own kin. And I made a cute little dress for bubby - a similar version to one I made for Lily last year - with a little doll with matching dress... tres cute.

And that kind of (!) brings me to this post. I enjoy blogging. But I began to feel that blogging, and keeping up with other blogs was not fun. It was one more pressure on me (self-imposed pressure of course) and keeping up came at the cost of family, friends, and time to actually craft! It made me feel bad that I didn't blog as often, didn't create as much and didn't seem to have it all together like so many others seemed to do. I know this is a warped view of the craft community, and that we all deal with similar pressure, but it began to bring me down. So I've decided to adopt a more reasoned approach. Balanced if you will. I will blog when I feel I can, and when I have something to report/show/say. I love reading others blogs, and get so inspired by the wealth of amazingly talented people out there, but given that it is the internet version of reality television I can probably live without the blow by blow accounts and catch up on them when I can.

I guess this is more speaking out loud. And there aren't that many readers so few who will really be 'affected'. I'm just putting it out there.


SadieandLance said...

Hey Naomi, I like the philosophy of making your blog YOUR blog - it should be whatever you want it to be - don't be pressured by the popular kids! I'll keep reading it no matter how often you post! Bianca x

Miss Dot said...

ditto! I think blogs have a tone or personality just like their writers, if they are honest. Some people in real life say little, but it is always good and their blogs reflect that. Just look at Craftapalooza, she doesn't blog everyday but her posts are always good fun.

Lilly said...

Praise be you old tart! That's one less blog I have to check every day!!

You're time is so much better spent at the sewing machine and with the divine N & L, than sitting at the computer trying to convince us all your life is really exciting!!

BTW the dress was worn again on Friday, with much rapture and admiration from mother's group!

Love and many kisses L xoxox